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Best Pakistani Bridal Dresses With Prices 2021

In this article, we will discuss Pakistani bridal dresses with prices that are the favorite one of Pakistani brides.

If we talk about Pakistani bridal dresses the things that come in our mind are heavy embroidered dresses in sharp and vibrant colors that attract the sight of every viewer. Though we all know that every bride and groom wish to make their wedding day special for them. They do every possible thing to make their day memorable. Every possible step is taken to make everything perfect.

From wedding decorations to catering, everything is perfectly managed. And when it comes to dresses, the most important thing is the wedding suit. A wedding suit should have to be the most beautiful and unique one that drops the jaw of every other person.

Most people who are about to get married mostly search for the best wedding planners and event management services providers, the guest list, and dresses. A Pakistani bride usually searches for Pakistani bridal dresses with prices.

Selection of Perfect Pakistani Bridal Dresses With Prices

Indeed it is not an easy task but still, every bride and a groom wish to get one most beautiful and one of the latest wedding dress. Every couple desire to look perfect and perfect on their big day. The selection of a perfect wedding dress or to design it is the most hectic task and when it comes to Pakistani bridal dresses the tension of the bride increases because she has to look for one of the best Pakistani bridal dresses with prices.

Running from one designer to another or visiting hundreds of shops to select one unique wedding dress is not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, Pakistani Bridal dresses are praised worldwide for their astonishing vibrant colors, heavy embroidery, and unique design that looks perfect on every bride. The wedding dress in many other parts of the world is usually white in color hence Pakistani bridal attire gives a different look. This is the reason Pakistani wedding dresses have different prices, some are quite inexpensive while some are quite expensive that every person cannot afford. The only reason in Pakistan, people look for Pakistani bridal dresses with prices.

Pakistani wedding and a traditional dress – Pakistani bridal dresses with prices:

Now, if we talk about Pakistani weddings, we are quite aware of the fact that here the wedding dress is quite a traditional one. The groom mostly wears Sherwani or a simple shalwar kameez suit designed in different ways and sometimes the grooms are seen mostly wearing a pantsuit on their wedding reception whereas the brides have a variety of traditional dresses to wear. The selection of Pakistani bridal dress is similar to the tip of the icebergs because every dress is so adorable and eye-catchy that it sometimes becomes difficult for the bride to select anyone among them.

If you are a Pakistani you must be aware of the struggle that every Pakistani bride goes through while selecting traditional Pakistani bridal dresses. It is indeed a delight to select one from the wide variety of styles, colors, and designs available in the market.  Nevertheless every bride desire to look unique and create an ethnic look on her big day.

Know the Pakistani Bridal Dresses With Prices:

Today in this article we are going to talk about some most famous bridal dresses of along with many other factors. We will mention all the famous Pakistani bridal dresses with prices. You will surely enjoy reading our article.

  • Lehenga:

Lehenga most commonly worn in every marriage is also known as one of the best Pakistani bridal dresses.  While talking about Pakistani Bridal dress, there is no doubt to believe that Lehenga is the most traditional dress worn by Pakistani brides no matter to which province of Pakistan she belong and what their customs and traditions are.

Whenever we talk about Pakistani brides the first thing that comes in our mind is heavy and beautiful lehengas. Lehenga has always been in the spotlight whenever we talk about a bridal dress.

It is because lehengas are available in different colors, unique designs with new and beautiful embroidery. Many years have passed but the lehenga is the first choice of our brides. Lehenga gives quite a traditional look on the first day of the wedding.

Since the time when the lehenga became famous, they have been organized in many unique designs and types and have also got many variants. Every year the bridal lehengas are introduced in the market with newer and most alluring looks with lots of heavy embroidered work.

Some lehengas are simple and light while some are long flared with heavy work. Along with these lehengas, fascinating shirts and heavily embroidered dupattas also add some strength and charm in the dress. There is a bucket full of choices for selecting your favorite lehenga. Because lehengas have also been innovated with the passage of time.

Nowadays, there are several lehengas available in the market with different styles and trends. You can select from the variety because they are several in design and style like there are long-tail lehengas, fishtail lehengas, flared lehengas, and many more. The second main point about getting a lehenga is that it is suitable wedding attire and easy to wear for every bride. It gives a traditional bridal look.

If you are looking for Pakistani bridal dresses with prices, lehengas appear on the top with different prices.

  • Shalwar Kameez:

Now here comes another traditional dress of Pakistani brides. Being the national dress of Pakistan, it is easy and comfortable to wear. The long kameez or kurtas come along with different styles of shalwars or pajamas and with heavy embroider dupattas that are beautifully embellished. The shirt and the dupatta of the bridal shalwar kameez are heavily embroidered that gives a graceful look in any vibrant color.

These dresses can be designed in any type of cloth, like net, silk, etc. undoubtedly this is the national dress of Pakistan and gives a traditional Pakistani look when worn. However, it has never been the first choice of Pakistani brides.

Brides basically in the Punjab province prefer to wear this on their wedding day rather than any other. Another main feature of this dress is that it can be designed according to the bride’s needs.

The shirt can be kept long or short according to fashion. The shalwar can also be designed in different styles. However, it looks alluring and hence enhances the beauty and look of the bride.

  • Sharara and Kurtas:

Sharara and Kurtas have been trending for a long time. It is one of the oldest traditional dresses that we usually see Pakistani brides wearing on their big day. If we talk about the present time, Pakistani brides are usually seen wearing Kurta and Sharara on their Mehndi day (a custom practiced in Pakistan before the big day) of their wedding.

We all know that Sharars is the type of dress that is usually embroidered from the knees downward because its shirt and Kurta extend up to the knees. The brides prefer to wear heavy embroidered Kurta or shirt along with these shararas. Sometimes the Kurtas and shirts are not fully heavily embroidered but are partially embroidered and sometimes they contain heavy embroidered border and overall are fully designed. They cover the body from neck to toe and look quite sophisticated and graceful. Some people say the shararas and lehengas are one thing, however, it is not.

The lehengas are worn with choli or short shirts and are fully embroidered whereas the shararas are worn with long shirts and their embroidery starts from the knee.  Along with these shararas are heavy dupattas that enhance the beauty of the dress and give a glamorous look to the brides.

  • Bridal Gowns:

Next comes bridal gowns. Not a traditional one but still a trending outfit that most of the brides love to wear on their wedding reception. The gowns are available in different designs and colors. They are heavily embroidered along with a heavily embroidered dupatta to enhance its glance.

  • Bridal maxi:

Maxis are also one of the most common wear wedding attire of Pakistani brides. Giving the look similar to a long frock, the attire is comfortable to wear and enhances the beauty and look of a traditional bride. Undoubtedly the dress is also worn at the wedding reception and gives a different look to the brides from the traditional look. Most of the maxis are available on the net clothing with heavy embroidery.

Mentioned above are the traditional Pakistani bridal dresses with prices. These dresses are preferred options for women who opt to look, trendy and traditional, by wearing these types of clothes. Pakistani bridal collection is incomplete without these basic traditional dresses.

Nevertheless, these bridal dresses are famous worldwide and are in demand because they are known for their vibrant colors and breathtaking embellishments. These dresses utilize a different array of colors. The brides shine and sparkle on the wedding day with the help of these dresses that are designed in different vibrant colors and eye-catching designs.

Pakistani bridal dresses and jewelry:

Every Pakistani wedding is incomplete with at least any of these bridal wear. Secondly, the design and style of these dresses range from simple to complex. The color shades are selected according to the skin complexion and body shape is also considered one prime factor in the selection and designing of a bridal dress. Besides this, traditional jewelry to adds some sophistication to the beauty of Pakistani brides. Pakistani Bridal jewelry is crafted using ethnic techniques making it admirable to give an alluring look to the bride.

Traditional and commonly worn – Pakistani bridal dresses with prices:

Mentioned are the most commonly worn bridal dresses in Pakistan. Besides these dresses, there are several other traditional dresses in Pakistan that are usually worn in the tribal areas of the provinces of Pakistan. Those dresses are worn following the traditions and cultures of the region. Nevertheless, the most common bridal dresses worn throughout Pakistan are Lehengas, Shararas, Shalwar kameez, gowns, and Maxis. These dresses are worn for decades and are still considered the favorite one. Hope this article will prove helpful to know some famous Pakistani Bridal dresses with prices.

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